What Do You Get When You Combine the Group Personal Training Knowledge of 42
of the Best Group Personal Trainers & Coaches in the Fitness Industry?

The Most Comprehensive Group Personal Training
and Metabolic Workouts Resource Ever Created

Over 335 Pages of Done-for-You Fat Loss & Fitness Programs from 42 of the
World’s Top Group Personal Trainers and Coaches!

Dear Coaches, Trainers, and Fitness Enthusiasts,

Are you sick and tired of seeing sub-par training programs being delivered by local “trainers” and “coaches” claiming to be experts with their weekend certification and YouTube education?

How about all the infomercials touting the latest. greatest and most “insane” workouts ever conceived?

The fitness industry is becoming a scarier and scarier with all these self-proclaimed gurus and overnight trainers flooding the marketplace with their one-size fits all DVDs, bootcamps, and extreme group fitness classes.

Quite frankly, I’m fed up with all this nonsense. People are getting abused and overtrained, and don’t let them pull the wool over your eyes…people following these programs are also getting burnt out and HURT!

So, here’s what I did…

To help filter through the vast array of information available online and give you access to only what is really working, I decided to use my personal contacts here at Fitness Consulting Group and contacted THE top trainers and coaches and issued the a challenge – to come up with their best training program, in their own specialty (adult weight loss, fitness, and performance). In addition, that program had to be one they are using now to get huge results with their very own clients.

These trainers and coaches are degreed in the field and/or certified by REAL accredited organizations and are using sound, PROVEN, scientifically based training principles. Now they are going to share with YOU, what they are doing to get the people they serve phenomenal results.

Here’s what we came up with – Introducing…

The FCG Group Training Playbook

This collection of expertly designed training programs became The FCG’s Group Training Playbook, a compilation of time-tested, results-producing weight loss & fitness training programs from some of the world’s top fitness professionals.

What You’ll Get In The FCG Group Training Playbook…

The Programs…

  • Smart Group Training Straight Sets Program Design by Steve Long
  • Strength and Conditioning Program for Women by Pamela MacElree
  • Live Younger! by Jeff Blair
  • Medicine Ball Metabolic Acceleration by Heath Herrera
  • 7 Minute Advanced Workouts by Jeremy Belter
  • Fat Loss Training for Men Over Fifty by Jim Hart
  • Advanced Group Training by John Lark
  • Group Program Supersets by Johnny Fukumoto
  • Bodybuilding Bootcamp by Justin Yule
  • Back to Basics by Kane Sivesind
  • 4 Week Program Design by Kim Chase
  • Cardio Core for Awesome Abs and Strong Endurance by Kristyn Mastroianni
  • Primal Conditioning by Jared Woolever
  • Interval Training by Leks Stanic and Dewayne Holifield
  • Total Body Burn by Levi Memmer
  • Fitness Revolution Mature Athletes Program by Aaron Callaghan
  • Modified Strongman Training by Art McDermott
  • The Ben’s Bootcamp Training Experience by Ben Warstler
  • Bootcamp Workouts by Charlie Levine
  • The Corrective Endurance Phase by Chris Amaro
  • Kettlebell 4 Week Fat Blaster by Dave Randolph
  • Hurricane Workouts by David Tatulli
  • 3-2-1 Strength Core Conditiong by Marc Rosamilia
  • Favela Fit by Marcio Silva
  • The Walden Workout by Maria and Aaron Walden
  • Ultimate Fat Loss Progressions by Mark Lopez
  • Faster Results by Marshall Ray
  • FR Complexes by Maureen Corristan
  • Metabolic Fat Loss Circuits for General Population by Mike Salvietti
  • Spartan Challenge Workout by Michaels Watkins
  • FR Pure Fitness Bootcamp by Mike Jett
  • Kettlebell Khaos Metabolic Meltdown by Jason Yun
  • Hammer Down Program by Nathan Jordan
  • The Forge Steel Confidence Program by Peter Rincan
  • Cage Strength and Conditioning by Phil Hueston
  • 6 Week Sprint Training Program by Robert McMullin
  • General Fitness Bootcamp by Ryan Patrick
  • Metabolic Madness by Shelton Matsey
  • Firestorm Fitcamps by Steve Payne
  • What you can’t see counts! Posterior Chain/T-Spine Conditioning by Todd Lowder and Mike Slack
  • Complete Core Training Program by Tony Rodriguez Larkin
  • Unilateral Workout by Trevor Wittwer

Proven, In The Trenches Programs

The Fitness Consulting Group is widely recognized as the world’s leader in fitness business coaching. It seeks out and works with great coaches to help them build great business. Since 2005, FCG has served thousands of trainers and coaches by delivering best practices and solutions to fitness entrepreneurs who are dedicated to being “best in class.”

Many of FCG’s clients have gone on to have a tremendous impact on dozens, hundreds, and in some cases thousands of individuals in their communities and beyond by helping them lose weight, increase strength & flexibility, build muscle, burn fat, and ultimately get in the best shape of their lives!

In The FCG’s Group Training Playbook you receive 42 step-by-step training programs to choose from or follow one month at a time – that’s over 3 years worth of training programs!!


Smart Group Training Straight Sets Program Design

Steve Long

Steve Long
Steve has made quite a name for himself in the fitness industry, achieving many awards and acknowledgements for his accomplishments. He has trained a variety of clients ranging from ages 6 to 80 in over 8 years in the health and fitness industry. He assists clients in many aspects of health, fitness, weight loss, performance training, nutrition, and more. Steve is known for his practical approach to training and blending the many benefits of corrective exercise into highly metabolic conditioning and fat loss programs. Among other things, Steve specializes in functional fat loss, sports performance, golf fitness, injury prevention/ post rehabilitation, kettlebell training, and lifestyle coaching. Steve has been mentored by, and continues to learn from the best professionals in the industry, bringing the most cutting edge programs to his clients.


Strength and Conditioning Program for Women


Pamela MacElree
Pamela holds a Bachelor of Science from Pennsylvania State University and a Masters of Science in Injury Prevention and Sports performance from California University of Pennsylvania. Pamela is owner of Urban Athlete, a strength and conditioning studio in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She also writes frequently about strength training for women on her blog, PMacStrong.
Recognizing the value in quality programs and their applications Pame¬la has also collaborated on developing and delivering the only peer-re¬viewed Kettlebell training certification for Fitness Professionals through Kettlebell Athletics in the United States and Germany.


Live Younger!

Jeff Blair

Jeff Blair (M.S., J.D., CSCS)
After seeing his Dad’s life destroyed by bad health and experiencing his own fitness transformation, Jeff left a promising career as a lawyer in 2002 and made fitness his career.

Over the past decade, Jeff has accumulated thousands of personal training hours and has been personal trainer to one of Men’s Fitness 2011 World’s 25 Fittest Men (Alex O’Loughlin). Jeff has been featured in American and international fitness magazines and has been featured as “Fitness Expert” on the national “Everyday Health” television show (shown on ABC affiliates).

Jeff has served as national “Functional Training Expert” for a University of North Carolina Sports Medicine/NASM academic project and has taught graduate-level exercise science on a part-time basis since 2008. Jeff is the author of the anti-aging fitness book “Never Get Old”. Jeff is the owner of the SoCalSport & Fitness personal training studio in Los Angeles and is a Fitness Revolution franchisee.


Medicine Ball Metabolic Acceleration


Heath Herrera, M.Ed., CSCS, YFS1
Heath began his fitness career path by experiencing the absolute health and wellness that regular exercise and proper nutrition brought back to his own body. His own personal struggle and triumph gives Heath a superb ability to help nurture, motivate, and instill confidence in clients of all fitness levels and ages.

After topping out at 270lbs in his life, Heath began a journey of weight loss and conditioning that led to his eventual career path. Thanks to his personal struggle, as well as many years of professionally serving others, he has learned that every person is different and needs different motivations and methods to achieve his or her goals. Today Heath maintains a weight of 203 lbs.

Heath is the owner of HH Fitness, and began his fitness career as a Rehab Specialist helping injured workers get back to work quickly and safely. He then shifted to personal training and group personal training (i.e. boot camps), helping more people, more affordably. With the transition from the rehab setting, Heath is able to combine the best of both worlds – working with individuals of all types to help them regain and retain their health, while helping to improve their quality of life.

Heath holds a master’s of education degree in Exercise Sports Science (2004) from Texas State University, San Marcos, TX and a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology (2002) from Angelo State University, San Angelo, TX. Heath is also a current member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). He is also a member of the International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA), and is a Certified Youth Fitness Specialist – Level 1.


7 Minute Advanced Workouts

Jeremy Belter

Jeremy Belter BS, CPT, SPN
Jeremy is a fitness coach, athlete, dad, and business owner who lives in New Berlin, Wisconsin. He is known for his success at helping people reach their fitness and performance goals more quickly and efficiently. He is owner of Express Fitness part of the Fitness Revolution Nation in Brookfield, Wisconsin where he offers an approach of continual and progressive improvements in performance and fitness.

Jeremy is a graduate of Wisconsin Lutheran College where he earned his Bachelor Degree. While at Wisconsin Lutheran, he played basketball and baseball. He is an ISSA certified fitness professional and an ISSA Specialist in Performance Nutrition. He holds several certifications in different training modalities including kettlebells, bands, and metabolic training. He continually grows in knowledge about fitness, nutrition, and athleticism.

With a very diverse training background, Jeremy has personally trained over 15,000 sessions, working with all types of people, including those with different medical conditions, children, athletes, former olympic athletes, business owners.

Jeremy lives with his wife Melissa and their four month old baby, Autumn. When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, softball, basketball, and improving his strength and athleticism.


Fat Loss Training for Men Over Fifty

Jim Hart

Jim Hart
After graduating from La Salle High School, Jim went on to La Salle University where he graduated in 1985 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications and marketing. Jim’s love of food was still great so he decided to attend culinary school. In 1985 he attended the Philadelphia Restaurant School and received his master chef degree.

Combining his knowledge – and love – of food and fitness, in 1986 Jim started his own successful catering business, Catering From The Hart. His catering company provided “Hart Healthy” catered meals to businesses throughout the Philadelphia Tri-State area. He ran the business for 7 years until the death of his partner.

In 1994 Jim found his way into the personal training industry. He continued his fitness education by receiving his certifications as a Master Personal Trainer from the American Council on Exercise (ACE) in 1996, certified nutrition & lifestyle counselor (University of Pennsylvania) in 1999, certified and active member of the American Association of Lifestyle Counselors, and is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine.

Jim also competes as an amateur bodybuilder and has placed in a number of bodybuilding competitions. His 5’8”, 175 pound muscular frame now supports a 45” chest, 31” waist, 16” arms, 23” quads and is at 8% body fat (when he competes).

Jim has authored four books “The Fat To Muscle Challenge”, “Ultimate Guide to Fat Burning & Muscle Building for Men Over 40”, “Good to Go- take your diet to work” and his latest book “Midlife Metabolic Makeover” In addition to personal training, Jim also teaches seminars, cooking demonstrations, restaurant coaching, supermarket tours, as well as conducting support groups for people who struggle with eating issues.


Advanced Group Training

John Lark

John Lark
John is a strength and conditioning coach and founder of Sphere Fitness Group, a specialist health and fitness company based in Dublin, Ireland.

A former youth level international rugby player, having been capped with England U19s and English Universities, John delivers elite level training, nutritional and lifestyle strategies to enable people to express their true human potential and ‘get the most out of life’. He feels that there really is little difference in the pursuit of fat loss and the pursuit of health and is striving to get people off the diet train and hooked on the feeling of health and well-being.

John prides himself on results working with executives to housewives, weekend warriors to Olympic and elite level athletes. John has consulted with Google, IBM and BT.

John is the author of The Ultimate Rugby Fitness System and has appeared on TG4’s Underdogs (2008) and RTE’s London Calling (2012) His work and comments on the health and fitness industry have appeared Stellar Magazine, Business and Finance Magazine, The Sunday Independent, The Sunday Business Post, Business Plus Magazine, Clare FM, The Irish Examiner and RTE Six One.

He is the holder of a B.A and an M.A, a qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach and Neuromuscular Therapist (NMT). He is a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association.


Group Program Supersets

Johnny Fukumoto

Johnny Fukumoto
Johnny is a former high-level athlete and decorated academic who believes that we are made to move well, and tries to coax out the athlete in everyone he meets. He refuses to accept there are limits to his personal development and sees that same potential in each of his members and staff. He is the owner and head coach at Fukumoto Fitness in Winnipeg, Canada, which specializes in 45-minute Group Metabolic Coaching for people of all fitness levels looking to optimize body composition, human movement, and overall health. They were honored to receive the Fitness Revolution Silver Award for Excellence in 2012.

After graduation from the Kinesiology program at Wilfrid Laurier University, Johnny led groups of university students across Canada and South Africa on educational adventures, accumulating invaluable experience, lifelong friendships, and a few awesome physical feats (including jumping off the biggest bungee jump in the world with a Superman suit on). After various jobs in gyms, hospitals, and everything in between, he set out on his own to help change people’s lives through body transformation. He will be the first to tell you that his mission goes well beyond physical fitness and helping people “look sexy”.

A hungry up-and-comer in the fitness industry, Johnny loves creating (be it new programs, contests, or rap songs for his members), getting to know his members personally, and always uses his business to support different local and international causes. This was highlighted in July 2012, where the Fukumoto Fitness family was honored to receive the Fitness Revolution Gold Award for charity fundraising.

He loves to study. In 2012 alone, he will have completed his FMS2, Metabolic Certification, Agatsu Kettlebell 1, Precision Nutrition Coaching program, as well as 2 other certifications in the field directly related to getting his members better results.
His personal fitness goals are currently focused on hockey scoring titles, mud run obstacle races, and improving his mobility and recovery in general.

He would like to acknowledge his wife Jen, whose constant love, hard work, and support, enables him to push forward in this amazing adventure.


Bodybuilding Bootcamp


Justin Yule
BODYBUILDING BOOTCAMP (BBBC) combines classic old-school bodybuilding style training with new-school metabolic training for maximum muscle building and fat melting results for all fitness levels. This program is really going to burn…

BBBC is a method of intentionally overloading each target muscle group by performing consecutive sets of the same exercise with short rest periods between sets in an effort to stimulate maximum hypertrophy – much like a bodybuilder would.


Back to Basics

Kane Sivesind

Kane Sivesind
Kane is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) from the NSCA. He holds a B.A. from Gustavus Adolphus College (St. Peter, MN) and a M.B.A with a concentration in Sport Management from Loyola University Chicago (Chicago, IL). His passion lies with helping his clients achieve a healthy lifestyle that will leave them feeling and performing their very best. He treats each individual separately and addresses their strengths and weaknesses to make sure they reach their potential. He uses a holistic approach to assess the whole body and not just the muscular system to determine what will help make a positive impact on each client.

Kane currently owns and trains clients at CORE Athletic in Madison, WI where he is able to work with a wide variety of clients. He has a background in many different sports including baseball, soccer, volleyball and played collegiate basketball at Gustavus Adolphus for four years.


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4 Week Program Design


Kim of Chase Fitness Ltd., in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada has been involved in fitness her whole life. With experience in varied athletics such as competitive gymnastics, body building, competitive equestrian jumping, skiing, Tae Kwon Do just to name a few; Kim has harnessed that energy and passion to help others reach their own physical and mental goals.

Kim spent 10 years in the military, 6 years as an F-18 aircraft mechanic and 4 years as a pilot. In her off time she put her time in at the local fire hall as a firefighter which she continued with in the different locations she resided in. She spent 3 years up the Arctic in Iqaluit, on Baffin Island where she was the first female Chief Inspector for the Nunavut Liquor Commission. After moving back to Thunder Bay, her home town, she became certified in personal training where she worked in a local club. Kim now owns her own gym and is part of the Fitness Revolution franchise. She specializes in weight loss, strength training and corrective mobility. All this is accomplished through one-on-one training, semi-private training, public boot camps, kickboxing and corporate wellness programs.


Cardio Core for Awesome Abs and Strong Endurance

Kristyn Mastroianni

Kristyn Mastroianni
Kristyn is a Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She trains clients in boot camp and private one on one settings at Fitness Revolution Vernon in Vernon, CT. Kristyn is a graduate of the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy and is a Licensed Massage Therapist.


Primal Conditioning

Jared Woolever

Jared Woolever
When I hear the word primal, I think about getting back to our grassroots. I think about good ole fashioned hard work that makes you sweat. Getting primal makes me think about getting back to what we used to do. Looking into developmental kinesiology, it’s easy to find certain patterns that are innate in every one of us. Did someone show you how to roll over as a baby? Did your parents show you how to crawl, stand up, and finally take your first step? I’m going to go out on a whim here, but I’m guessing you learned all of this on your own. Through trial and error, making mistakes along the way, and learning how to maneuver your body through three dimensional space, we all developed in a similar fashion. This is what I think of when I think of “primal”.

This routine is going to follow a natural progression from start to finish. Throughout the workout, notice how we go from the floor on our back and belly, move into a position where we’re on all fours, then we get into a kneeling stance, and finally we will stand. This is a natural progression on how we all learned to move from time of birth. First we learned how to roll over. Next, we started to crawl on all fours. After crawling, we started to take the first step into standing by going into a kneeling position. Finally, with many attempts, we learned how to stand. This is the natural progression we all learn, and the pretty cool thing about it is…we all do it in the exact same fashion.


Interval Training

Leks Stanic and Dewayne Holifield

Leks Stanic and Dewayne Holifield
Leks, health and wellness expert, has formed CPFitBody after realizing how much false health information is provided to the public. Leks, who has once lived unhealthy herself, has learned on her own about proper lifestyle and discovered that anyone can benefit greatly from wellness programs. Leks has completed over ten fitness and specialty certifications through nationally recognized organizations such as NCSF, AFAA, Exercise, Etc. and IDEA. Leks’ background consists of Strength & Conditioning, Track & Field and Muay Thai Kickboxing. She has worked with a wide range of people from athletes to people with specific needs such as women with bone-loss issues to large group training. Leks (along with Dewayne) currently runs CPFitBody studio located in Franklin, TN. CPFitBody offers private training, semi-private and small group classes. For more information, please visit www.CPFitBody.com.

Fitness and health expert Dewayne Holifield is certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist though the National Federation of Personal Trainers. Dewayne was a member of US Navy where he received military boot camp training and was a fitness coordinator with the Naval Communications Unit in Washington, DC. He has over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry and has been enriching the lives of individuals through health and fitness since 1990. Dewayne has impacted peoples’ lives in a positive way from Gold’s Gym, AC Fitness and World Gym in Birmingham, AL to Bally Total Fitness and Snap Fitness in Jacksonville, FL to currently running (along with Leks) CPFitBody in Franklin, TN. For more information please visit www.CPFitBody.com.


Total Body Burn

Levi Memmer

Levi Memmer
Levi is the owner of Intensity Training Systems in Crowley, TX. At ITS Levi trains athletes of all levels as well as adult clients. Levi began his career as a strength and conditioning coach at Michigan State University followed by stops at Black Hills State University, University of Wyoming, Texas Christian University and Lewisville High School (TX). He hold a bachelors degree in exercise and sport science from Black Hills State University and masters degree in liberal arts from TCU. Levi holds the CSCS, USAW and SCCC certifications.


Fitness Revolution Mature Athletes Program

Aaron Callaghan

Aaron Callaghan
The goal of the program is to provide a safe environment where by the individual can develop mobility and stability which is vital for enhancing quality of life while minimizing risk of injuries.

Another key component is encouraging social interaction through the partner drills and games.
Total body integrated exercises are used to enhance co-ordination and rhythmical timing.

The nature of the work out also encourages Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor and Glutamate which acts as a fertilizer for the brain. Therefore potentially decreasing chances of brain disease.


Modified Strongman Training

Art McDermott

Art McDermott
Modified Strongman Training (MST) has achieved a certain level of popularity in the past few years. From the well-known TV show, “World’s Strongest Man” to Division 1 Football Programs and garage gyms across the world, MST presents challenges not normally found in a commercial gym.

Modified Strongman Training is unique in a few respects. MST varies from standard gym movements by challenging the body through multiple planes of movement, using both unilateral and bilateral phases. This can be referred to as “real world” strength.

Looking at a continuum of movements that would demonstrate the best transfer to the real world, standard gym machines such as the chest press or arm curl machines would be found at the bottom of the list. Olympic lifting would represent a large step up the scale. Body weight movements would be yet other level up. At the top of the “real world” spectrum would be strongman training. Dragging, lifting odd objects, pulling, loading movements, etc is a primitive as it gets!

That being said, Strongman Training can be flat out fun! Because of its very simple nature, trainees can identify and appreciate with the challenges, both mental and physical.

In our program design, the coach is free to using two methods to determine the completion of a “station” or round. One is based on time: 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off, etc. The other is based on rep count or distance.


The Ben’s Bootcamp Training Experience

Ben Warstler

Ben Warstler
Ben is the Owner of Ben’s Bootcamps and Fortitude Fitness Systems, INC in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Ben has been running his bootcamp program for almost 6 years and has helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds of fat. Growing his business in a very rural part of the country, Ben has been able to thrive and grow one of the most popular and largest group training programs in the country. An International Best Selling Author and nationally renown group training expert, Ben continues to push the envelope of what can be done in large groups what was once thought for one on one training.


Bootcamp Workouts

Charlie Levine

Charlie Levine
Charlie has been in and around fitness his entire life, from youth sports, to high school and college swimming, and eventually into the fitness industry. He started as a trainer in 2002 and was exposed early on to the trainers and educators of the Perform Better community. He branched out on his own in 2009 and since then has focused primarily on group fitness.

The people he trains are general population and many of them, starting from their late 20’s, have pretty much counted themselves out. They might not have 50 pounds to lose, but more often than not, they were just sort of holding on and slowly losing ground.

If you’re like Charlie, then you’ve bought a few e-books and other done-for-you workouts to use in your classes only to find that they are not so practical when the time came to use them. His chapter is a snapshot of how he currently runs his classes. It’s safe, fun, gets his clients results, and it’s fairly easy to teach. This does assume you have some equipment, but not so much that it will break the bank.


The Corrective Endurance Phase

Chris Amaro

Chris Amaro
Chris operates Mercer County Boot Camp, a fitness and weight loss semi-private group training program, in Pennington, NJ. Starting in 2006/2007 as a personal trainer for a private studio he later would serve as an assistant personal training manager, and top head trainer at a health club.

Before long he took his passion for private home training and funneled his attention to what is now Mercer County Boot Camp since 2009. Along with boot camp, he also regularly runs fundraising boot camps, specialty workshops, is a public speaker, and provides remote location online coaching.

Since officially becoming associated with Fitness Revolution, Chris looks forward in broadening his outreach through corporate fitness, youth-based strength training programs, and greater territorial presence.


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Kettlebell 4 Week Fat Blaster

Dave Randolph

Dave Randolph
This workout is designed to torch the fat from your body using kettlebell and bodyweight exercises to increase muscle mass, improve your conditioning and recovery abilities.

You’ll be training at various levels of intensity 3 to 4 days per week for 4 weeks. Some days will be more strength focused, but still with an element of conditioning. Other days will be more metabolic conditioning with the emphasis on attacking the workout especially in the last 2 weeks.

After doing this program for 4 weeks you should see a definite drop in body fat especially when combined with proper eating.


Hurricane Workouts

David Tatulli

David Tatulli
David is a graduate of Montclair State University with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. Since 2005 David has worked full time managing and training clients in the corporate environment. His experience in corporate fitness enabled him to help hundreds of people improve their lives. Currently David runs a group training program in Scotch Plains, NJ where he focuses on fat loss and improving overall fitness.

This metabolic conditioning session combines both cardiovascular and resistance training exercises. The overall goal of this session is to expend a massive amount of calories and burn fat in a short amount of time.


3-2-1 Strength Core Conditiong

Marc Rosamilia

Marc Rosamilia
Marc graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Nutrition Counseling. He is a certified fitness trainer with the ISSA and certified high school strength and conditioning specialist with the IYCA. Marc also is a NJ certified Health and Physical Education teacher for grades k-12.

Marc began his personal fitness training career in 2007 having the fortunate opportunity to be mentored by some great trainers and educators at the renowned sports performance and personal training facility TEST Sports Clubs. TEST has helped dozens of athletes go from college prospects to realizing their dream of being drafted by and playing for many NFL football teams. “The training and education I had received at TEST, will I be forever grateful for as it has shaped a truly awesome foundation of correct and effective functional training principals that I possess today and apply to my clients and athletes”.

Marc is the co-owner of Bio-Balance Fitness & Performance located at 113 East River Road, in Rumson, NJ. At Bio-Balance we are committed and dedicated to your success as our client. If you want to get stronger, lose body fat, become more flexible, increase your balance and mobility, become a better athlete, or get more flexible through yoga, you will achieve these results at Bio-Balance. We are an intimate and family oriented facility where every one of our clients supports each other. Our moms, dads, teens, athletes and anyone else who comes to our facility will feel that they will achieve their goals while having fun and the ongoing support. When you join me at Bio-Balance you’re not just joining a gym where you walk in “without anyone knowing who you are” and they swipe your card because “you are just a number”. Join Bio-Balance Fitness & Performance and become part of our family.


Favela Fit

Marcio Silva

Marcio Silva
Born and raised in Sao Paulo Brazil, Marcio Silva was a little fat boy who was more interested in reading and watching cartoons than participating in sports.

At the age of 12 he decided that it was time to apply some of his book knowledge to his life, and began to practice the Greek motto he had read: mens sana in corpore sano – “a healthy mind in a healthy body”.

With not much natural athleticism, a little pot belly and a lot of determination he started exercising, running and playing volleyball. That sport became his focus for the next few years, and he played in various local leagues and ended up working as an assistant coach for his volleyball club. Volleyball has remained a passion of Marcio’s to this day.

When he was 19 he received a full scholarship to study graphic design, graduated in the top five of his class and began a career in the field of Graphic Arts.

Marcio followed up on his long-term interest in martial arts and started learning Thai Boxing in his early twenties. That interest turned into 3 years of hard work, a few bruises and 2 competitive matches that he won, thereby finishing his apprenticeship.

In 1998 he had the opportunity to move to Canada and he grabbed it. While there were many challenges faced in making such a major re-location, including learning English (“I thought I could speak it before I came – boy, was I wrong!”) and adjusting to Canadian winters, the opportunities available to him made it all worthwhile. It was here that he got the chance to start a new career.

What had been a personal passion for many years – physical fitness – now presented itself as a career full of potential in the wellness field. Once again, Marcio chose to follow his heart, and the results went beyond his expectations.

With diligent training and many hours of study and practical application, Marcio has become a highly qualified coach. And for him, the learning never stops.


The Walden Workout

aaron waldenMaria Walden

Maria and Aaron Walden
Aaron is co-owner of Circular Fitness in West Palm Beach, Florida. He is a graduate of Florida International University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science and Physiology. In addition, he is a licensed massage therapist and full time Firefighter/Paramedic. Aaron has a very diverse background and has studied under many of the leading experts in the exercise and manual therapy fields. He is a certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor (RKC), Active Release Technique (A.R.T.) practitioner and Fascial Stretch Therapist. He has taken courses from The Chek Institute, Postural Restoration Institute and Functional Medicine University. Aaron currently works with clients from a variety of sports and fitness backgrounds.

Maria Walden is the owner operator at Circular Fitness. Maria’s interest in fitness started when she was trying to get into the fire academy in 2006. In her quest to become a firefighter she realized there was more to fitness than “cardio” and machines. Ever since then she has been on a quest to improve her physical fitness for job performance and overall health. She holds the RKC certification and is working towards Coach Scott’ Sonnon’s Circular Strength Training and Tacfit certifications.
She has trained along side Pavel Tsatsouline and many other master RKCs. In addition to running Circular fitness she is currently a professional Firefighter/Paramedic, and is pursuing a bachelors degree in nursing. Her main focus is to restore mobility and improve individual’s fitness level to offer them a better quality of life. She works with a variety of people from stay at home moms, to firefighter recruits.


Ultimate Fat Loss Progressions

Mark Lopez

Mark Lopez
Mark is the owner and head trainer at Fitness Revolution New Tampa in Tampa, FL. Before finding his passion for fitness, Mark was a pencil-thin three-season high school track runner. After picking up his first dumbbell, however, he fell in love with the sport of bodybuilding and managed to put on over 40 pounds of lean mass in following 2 years after graduation while helping training partners reach their fitness goals as well. Wanting to pursue his new-found passion even further, Mark became certified through the National Academy of Sports & Medicine and began 1-on-1 personal training at a private studio. After 18 months, he took a leap of faith and opened up his own training business starting with 2 clients, a set of puzzle mats, and a stack of Olympic weights for resistance training. Mark partnered up with Fitness Revolution in 2011 and has grown to help hundreds in the New Tampa, FL area reach their fitness and fat loss goals through expert coaching, training, and becoming a complete solution for his clients to succeed.


Faster Results

Marshall Ray

Marshall Ray
Marshall is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and the  owner of the premier Personal Training Studio Faster Fitness, located in St. Louis, MO. He has been a Strength Coach and Personal Trainer for over 9 years and has worked with clients from the ages of 8 to 82. He has been mentored and continues to learn from the best in the world on fat loss, strength training, functional medicine and corrective exercises. His passion is to help as many people get lean and strong as possible.


CSCS – NSCA – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

CPT- NASM – Certified Personal Trainer

CES – NASM – Corrective Exercise Specialist

FMS – Function Movement Systems Certified

Biosignature – Poliquin Institute – Certified Biosignature Practicioner

Wellness Coach – New York Strength

BSBA – Bachelors of Science in Business Administration – UMSL – Majored in Finance and Marketing

Published Author


FR Complexes

Maureen Corristan

Maureen Corristan
Maureen grew up in Bay City Michigan and moved to Florida after graduating from Central Michigan University in 1984 with degrees in Sports Medicine and Exercise Science. Over the past 25 years, Maureen has worked in the fields of Athletic Training, Physical Therapy and Performance Training at elite facilities such as Athletes Performance, IMG Academies, OPTI and the Athletes Compound.
Her expertise in injury prevention, rehabilitation and strength and conditioning has helped a wide variety of clientele from general population and worker’s compensation orthopedic patience to the elite and professional athlete such as Derek Jeter, Chauncey Billups, Maria Sharapova, Ryan Zimmerman and many more.

Maureen recognized that the innovative program design and level of expertise reserved for orthopedic patience and elite athletes could benefit real world busy people with the same goals of improving fitness and function. Therefore, in 2007 she launched B-Mo Fit, a program that integrates core, balance and corrective exercises used in injury prevention and rehabilitation with strength, agility and interval training used in performance training. This fusion of specialties along with a nutritional component, is designed to provide a fun, functional, fat burning fitness experience for all walks of life.


Metabolic Fat Loss Circuits for General Population

Mike Salvietti

Mike Salvietti
Mike is a Certified personal Trainer, fat loss and metabolic training specialist and owner of Rock your Body Bootcamp and The New Hyde Park fitness Revolution in Long Island, NY. Mike has dedicated his life’s work to simplifying fat loss in order for busy people to manage a training and nutrition routine around their hectic lives. Mike currently resides in New Hyde Park, NY and continues to help busy people in his local community transform their bodies and lives with his down to earth, simplistic lifestyle guidelines and metabolic training programs.


Spartan Challenge Workout

Michael Watkins

Michael Watkins
Michael is Owner and CEO of M2 Training and Wellness LLC and M2 Fitness Systems LLC in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His fitness-training studio, Fitness Together, specializes in private and small group personal training and corporate wellness programs. Michael has been training clients since 2004 and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Exercise Science from the University of Oklahoma. Michael’s Fitness Together studio in Tulsa is the #1 producing studio in the state of Oklahoma and is a top 10% studio across the nation. Currently, Michael actively runs his studio-training clients as well as holds an active role on the Leadership Council for the Fitness Together Franchise Corporation. His unique blend of metabolic resistance training, proper nutrition and attention to detail is what sets him apart from the rest and serves as an example for many other Fitness Together Franchisees.


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FR Pure Fitness Bootcamp

Mike Jett

Mike Jett
Mike has a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology from the University of Louisville (2004.) He began immediately working as a part-time instructor in the program and has recently become a full-time professor in the undergraduate Exercise Science program (2012.) In addition to this, Mike is also co-owner of Pure Fitness Training, a member of Fitness Revolution, which offers group and personal fitness, chiropractic care, and massage. He is a published author (Sports Medicine, 2006) and regular contributor on several blogs.


Kettlebell Khaos Metabolic Meltdown

Jason Yun

Jason Yun
This program is all about cranking the metabolism up to race car speeds. We want to burn as much of your client’s body fat as possible while building as much lean muscle tissue as possible. The workouts in here are high intensity but low impact (no jumping), so they are perfect clients who prefer to stay on the ground.

These workouts are designed for the general population. It is an 8-workout program, it is best to perform 4 workouts over the course of 2-weeks, but can also be used as a 2-time a week program for 4 weeks. All of the workouts are based off of intervals. The main key on how hard the workout will be for you will be determined on your client’s beginning fitness level and how heavy of a kettlebell you will be using. For the workouts to be the most effective please make sure your client selects a kettlebell that is challenging and they are struggling towards the end or fail slightly before the end of an interval.


Hammer Down Program

Nathan Jordan

Nathan Jordan
I like many trainers grew up playing a variety of sports from soccer to baseball to hockey. My freshman year of College I played club soccer for The Ohio State University. I currently play Australian Rules Football for The Columbus Jackaroos Australian Rules Football Club. I first started lifting weights when I was 15 but did not get real serious until I was about 25 and then pursued my personal training certificate as well as a Bachelor’s Degree n Sport Management Wellness & Fitness Track. My five favorite exercises are the hex bar dead lift, barbell squat, box jumps, medicine ball slams, and alternating one leg squat hops using suspension straps. I do lots of exercises using the compound lifts, suspension straps, and kettle bells in all of my classes. I have trained all kinds of clients from Ironman Triathletes to grandmothers but my specialty is training woman 30-50 for fat loss and strength.

I have become a huge fan of adventure races so far I have done the Warrior Dash and Mud Ninja. I have also sponsored the local Rescue run to raise money for neglected animals. My slogan for my marketing pieces is From Average Jack to Tough Mutter. This is appropriate as my ultimate goal is to use my gym as a platform to prepare my clients for adventure races. This will help build camaraderie, my clients get amazing results, getting to know my clients, and having a ton of fun in the process.


The Forge Steel Confidence Program

Peter Rincan

Peter Rincan
Peter is a Certified Fitness Trainer (NASM and ACE), out of Bedford, NH by way of Los Angeles, CA. Peter prides himself in using unique, unconventional training methods and tools in his coaching programs to ensure his athletes success inside and outside the training facility. Peter is quickly becoming Bedford, NH’s most sought after fitness coach specializing in fat loss and youth athletic performance. His 8 years in the fitness industry, along with his military background allow him to deliver fast permanent results to all his athletes. Peters passion, attention to detail, desire, are apparent in his athletes physical and mental transformations as well as in his motto “Integrity is who I am, excellence is what I do, significance is why!”. Peter’s main base of operation is the Fitness Revolution Bedford results center. This is where his athletes “Burn the fat, Lose the weight, Gain the confidence… Guaranteed!”


Cage Strength and Conditioning

Phil Hueston

Phil Hueston
Phil is the co-owner of All-Star Sports Academy and Co-Head Coach at Athletic Revolution – Toms River, NJ. He has been, and continues to be, a sought after Sports Performance Trainer and Consultant to teams and athletes at the Youth Sports, high school, collegiate and professional levels.

Since his entrance into the fitness industry in 1998, he has questioned the status quo, challenged the conventional wisdom of the fitness industry and used the answers to make his clients better, bigger, faster and stronger.
Not just another pretty trainer, Phil has been called a “master motivator and trainer of high school athletes” and a “key player in the Youth Fitness industry.”

He works with athletes, “mathletes” and “non-letes” from 6 to 18, helping them all reach their performance potential and maximize their “fun quotient.”

Phil recognized early on that the ONLY task of Sports Fitness Professionals is the improvement of their clients’ sports performance and their enjoyment of the process! He has worked with 1000’s of athletes, assisting them on their journeys to collegiate sports, Division 1 scholarships, pro and semi-pro sports careers and even the first round of the NHL Draft.

Recently, Phil co-authored a book, “The Definitive Guide to Youth Athletic Strength, Conditioning and Performance,” which reached #1 Best- Seller status in two separate literary categories.


6 Week Sprint Training Program

Robert McMullin

Robert McMullin
I use Sprint Training with my regular gym members and clients as well as my amateur and professional athletes.

This program is an intermediate program designed to increase your speed and improve your conditioning and muscular endurance.

I would use this program with an athlete who isn’t too experienced or who hasn’t done a lot of strength and conditioning at a more elite level. For athletes that are more experienced I have an advanced version of this Program.

I also have some training clients who I’ve worked with long enough that would be able to handle most, if not all, of this 6-Week Program.

The benefits of Sprint Training vary from helping you burn more calories in a shorter amount of time than the traditional 45-60 minutes of cardio on a treadmill or bike, helping you burn calories for a longer period of time throughout the day after your Sprint session, your body adapts to Sprint Training enabling you to workout longer and harder before fatigue sets in, and it helps improve your body’s ability to breakdown fat for better energy consumption and encourages weight loss.

The great thing about sprints is they can be used by anyone looking to improve their fitness level. They aren’t just for athletes.

The benefits you will receive are far more numerous and fat loss will be kicked up a notch as an added benefit.


General Fitness Bootcamp

Ryan Patrick

Ryan Patrick
Ryan Patrick is the owner of Peak Fitness and Sports Training in Crescent Springs, KY. He graduated with honors from the Univeristy of Kentucky and completed his graduate coursework at Colorado State University.

He is a former bodybuilder, UK’s Strongest Man on Campus, and athlete. His goal with Peak FAST is to help as many people improve their health and wellness by providing good information, quality programs, and the best service.


Metabolic Madness

Shelton Matsey

Shelton Matsey
Shelton, Owner of Fit Code, has been working in the fitness industry since 1998. Shelton worked for a couple of local clubs in Champaign and Chicago, until he graduated from the University of Illinois. After graduation, he moved on to serve as an Air Defense Officer in the US Army on Active Duty for 6 years. He applied his knowledge of the body to get the most physically out of his Soldiers, resulting in them getting into tip top shape. Often his Soldiers had the highest Physical training scores in his units. After the Army Shelton moved on to a corporate job where he figured he could use his MBA which he acquired while in the Army. He soon figured out that his true passion was not in a corporate job but in coaching individuals from all walks of life as they strive to attain their fitness goals.

Throughout the years, Shelton helped hundreds of clients get in the best shape of their lives through the utilization of the latest and best fitness and nutrition techniques. Through the years he has worked with a wide range of clients from weight loss, sports training, diabetics, heart conditions, back problems and a variety of other conditions. His specialization though is in fat loss and functional training.

Shelton has a Masters in Business Administration from Webster University, and Bachelors in Kinesiology from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. Shelton is also a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.


Firestorm Fitcamps

Steve Payne 2

Steve Payne
Steve is a “fossil” in the fitness industry, having spent the last 34 years training, learning, observing, inquiring and teaching what he’s learned to people. Steve has worked with kids to adults, novice to professional athlete, young and old alike. To my knowledge I’m the only facility in town that offers a “double your money back” guarantee of success. I tell my clients all of the time, “I ain’t cheap, but I’m easy…”

Steve is a husband of 14 years to a passionate Italian beauty named Kennon Marie, a father of two happily married daughters, Kristina and Stephanie, as well as a grandfather to two boys, Christian and Conner. As of this writing he is due to be a grandfather again in early October. Steve and Kennon live in a quaint little villa in San Antonio, Texas with 7 cats (Bella, Bunny, BB, Bizet, Scruffy…the one-eyed wonder, KC (Kennon’s Cat), and Katniss…yes, like the Hunger Games girl) Steve lives and loves to hunt and fish and takes Wounded Warriors on trips throughout the year.

Steve & Kennon own and operate Firestorm fitcamps! and is a proud member of the Fitness Revolution nation. Steve also disseminates musings and “old man” wisdom on various topics at his website, A Minute of Payne.


What you can’t see counts! Posterior Chain/T-Spine Conditioning

Todd Lowder and Mike Slack

Todd Lowder and Mike Slack
While his specialty is training competitive swimmers, Coach Todd has performed thousands of fat-loss and hypertrophy sessions for people from diverse back-grounds.

A graduate of Christopher Newport University, Coach Todd holds a degree in Exercise Science. While gaining special recognition from the Health and physical Education Department of the Christopher Newport University, he accumulated extensive practical experience while working for a hospital based fitness facility in Hampton, Virginia. Todd has successfully completed certifications from The United States Weightlifting Association, The National Strength and Conditioning Association, The American Council for Exercise,The International Youth Conditioning Association and was on the teaching faculty for The Aerobic Pipeline.

Coach Todd is a passionate entrepreneur, speaker, coach and consultant. He diligently works day in and day out with professionals, corporations and organizations teaching them how to incorporate fitness into their lifestyles. Coach Todd’s programs work to affect the waistline of attendees and the bottom lines of their companies.

A graduate of Illinois State University, Mike holds a Master of Science degree in Exericse Physiology. Mike is also an alumni of the Illinois State Redbirds Football team. Mike is a 3 year veteran with Fitness Quest Bloomington Ltd. As Fitness Director, Mike is responsible for all program design and client assessments. Mike’s future plans include physical therapy school in the fall of 2013.


Complete Core Training Program

Tony Larkin

Tony Rodriguez Larkin
Tony Rodriguez Larkin graduated cum laude at Springfield College (Springfield, MA) in the Applied Exercise Science program. He received his Master’s degree at Appalachian State University (Boone, NC) in Exercise Science. Certifications include Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and a Precision Nutrition Level I certification through the Precision Nutrition organization. Most recently, he co-authored the book, The Fit Formula, which hit #1 on several Amazon.com bestseller lists. He is the owner of Transformations Fitness located in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Unilateral Workout

Trevor Wittwer

Trevor Wittwer
Trevor is a Fitness Professional and Entrepreneur in Southwestern Minnesota. His sole purpose in both business and fitness is to get his clients lifelong results. His goals do not revolve around the quick fix but in creating a physical culture and attitude that keeps one fit for life. He specializes in coaching and programming for fat loss in a large group setting. He also has a passion for training high level athletes through is sister business Athletic Revolution Redwood Falls. Trevor prides himself on staying on the cutting edge of training and getting his clients results for life.

Trevor graduated summa cum laude from Gustavus Adolphus College with a degree in Health, Fitness, and Coaching. During his time there, he earned his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification from the NSCA. After graduating he has continued his studies completing the comprehensive Dr. John Berardi’s Precision Nutrition Certification.

Trevor has been a lifelong high-level athlete and health enthusiast. Before fulfilling the dream of owning his own business, he spent 3 years fulfilling another dream: his dream of playing professional basketball in Europe. Upon returning from Europe, Trevor went on to create Wittwer Training Systems which houses Functional Fitness, a proud member of the Fitness Revolution nation, Athletic Revolution Redwood Falls, and Elite Hoops Club.

In a little over a year, he grew his clientele from 4 members to over 100 in a town of less than 5000 people. His intelligent program design and the value he places on relationships and customer service have made him a force to be reckoned with in the Upper Midwest.


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